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Art Deco is a decorative style that was born after World War I and ended before World War II, which have many applications in various fields, such as exterior, interior, furniture, statues, posters, clothing, jewelry and others. On his way Art Deco influenced by a variety of modern streams, such as Cubism, Futurism and Constructivism and also took design ideas from the example of ancient Egypt, Syria and Persia. Art Deco many artists experimented with new techniques and using new materials such as metal, glass, plastic and bakelit and combine them with new discoveries that time, the lights for example, their works use the colors and the strong-form and geometric bentukabstrak example of the steps, open triangles and circles, but they sometimes still use the plant motifs and figures, but the motifs are likely to have a geometric shape. The composition of the majority of elements in a simple format.
Art Deco was first introduced in 1966 in a catalog published by the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris in the exhibition with the theme "Les Années 25" was also held in 1925 in Paris. Since then the name Art Deco became known and more popular with the emergence of several articles in the print media. On 2 November 1966 article entitled Art Deco was published in The Times, a year later the article "Les Arts Deco" by Van Dongen, Chanel and André Groult furniture appeared in Elle magazine. Expression of Art Deco increasingly a place in the art world with the publication of the book "Art Deco" by Bevis Hillier in the United States in 1969. So before the year 1966, people are not familiar with the name and the name Art Deco was popular in art between the two world wars as a modern art and art deco effect yakun that technology.

Art Deco flourished in the years after the first world war and before the second world war. But it can be said that the original Art Deco was born in the early years after the end of the first world war, when the artist was experimenting to find a new perspective by refusing to use the ornaments are identical to Art Nouveau, as if they want to decide themselves in the style of Art Nouveau. In addition to using more historical ornaments, they are exchanging ideas to share inspiration. To combine all of that, they use an eclectic approach. The artists of various media quickly adopted this spectacular style. Posters, jewelry, furniture, ceramics, sculpture, painting, metal work clothes and even enliven the modern art was popular at the time.

Some designers are synonymous with Art Deco, for example, Jacques-Emile Ruhlmann, known as a master of Art Deco through the work of furniture that is almost always wearing expensive materials. Other furniture designers such as Paul Follot, Pierre Chareau, Clement Rousseau, the design team Sue et Mare (Louis Sue and André Mare), Eileen Gray and Kem Weber. Rene Lalique is known with glass ornaments and jewelry design, Susie Cooper and Clarice Cliff pottery is famous for, Jean Puiforcat with silver and metal work, Paul Poiret famous for its textile motifs, and AM Cassandre known posters.

Of clothing, jewelry, posters to furniture and household equipment, all these works enliven the world of Art Deco, the artists who produce it comes from different backgrounds try to present works that can meet human needs at the time amid the changes of time. Luaslah community participation that makes this a spectacular art.

The influence of art deco

The architects who worked in Bandung influenced architectural style that was popular in Europe at that time. Art deco style is that they stretcher and then applied to buildings built form.

The term Art Deco was known in his own new world of architecture in 1966, when the exhibition was held entitled "Les Années 25" in Paris. Art deco style identified with the building that includes a variety of decorative art deco khusus.Pada basically that is part of the style of modern architecture, especially at the more modern era, appeared opinion stating maipin mix various styles of "Ornament is a crime" Thus, the ornament becomes more simple and presented in the form of a zig-zag pattern, geometric, layered atai.

Art deco influences in the art of architecture

Artdeco ancient architecture with characteristic curves lekuknya wall was still very strong. Almost all of the physical structure of the hotel from the room, insulating walls, the hallways connecting one room to another was a touch of the original architects so impressed romantic, classic.

Minimalist home design art deco

His face looks art deco building, interior arrangement also does not run away from that style. Similarly minimalist model homes, interior was designed with a matching style. Although in practice, do not swallow it using both styles, but a touch of art deco style but the building was already in the mix with minimalist and modern style.

For the interior living room, art deco-style application that many use round ornaments, boxes, or other geometric shapes, just enough to be an accent. For example, only used for TV cabinets or other display cabinets.
In the art deco style has, like a hair style similar to 80s-perhaps because it is still affected,
and in style wearing a hat and clothing patterns and color look is still affected by ary deco very strong.
( ~ saki / albums / guys-gals-outfit-ideas / Art_deco_style.sized.jpg)

Play of light in addition to me is art for art deco and sealiran color games cracked shape / geometric repeatedly create a new form of beautiful colors that contain very art deco.


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