Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Indonesian Cultures - Borobudur (Part 4)

What do You Think and See About Art of This Pictures...??? It's Look Very Very Beautiful, That's Right...??? Give your Comment About It...!!!

From Left to Right, to Down and to Left again
(15) Relief of a ship.
Impressive ship if one keeps in mind that the monument dates from the 9th century AD!.
(16) Army on horses and elephant.
Many animals were used in warfare, usuaslly the general was seated on an elephant.
(17) Buddha in nice company.
We don't want our readers to believe that all in Borobudur is about war.
(18) Soldiers.
The infantery precedes the soldiers on horseback.

From Left to Right, to Down and to Left again
(19) Archer.
Probably this was not Rama but the figure reminded us of the Ramayana in Prambanan.
(20) Musicians.
These musicians were meant to liven up the evenings.
(21) Unknown beauty.
Beautiful women do not only appear on Indian monuments...
(22) Floating woman.
We already discovered such ladies reminding us of angels all over India, but we still do not know who they represent.

From Left to Right
(23) Mythical couple.
Mythical creature, half man half eagle (or another bird of prey).
(24) Animal garden.
Elephants, monkeys and peacocks living in harmony with the humans.


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